One Punch Man: Episode 147 (Prediction)

 Prediction of episode 147 One Punch Man:

One Punch Man series surely never fail to give exciting plot. As the plot develop, we will waiting more; of course our ultimate Hero, Saitama to take action and recognized as the strongest Hero. Until this moment, only limited peoples know Saitama true strength.

Awaken Garou.

Well, as Saitama is too strong and do not faced any difficulty to fight any strong enemies, Garou awakened is expected to make a clash with Saitama. And the debate among OPM lovers are..

Do Garou is stronger than Saitama or weaker?

Here is my prediction:

Garou undergo Monsterfication as Lord Orochi. While Orochi is created using the same method, i believe Garou will be at the level of Orochi or a little bit stronger. However, Orochi is originally normal human, with no talent (I guess - like Saitama). But, we can see Saitama is by far strongest compared to Lord Orochi even Saitama maintain his Human form (unlike orochi and Garou).

However; Garou by far is more talented than Saitama in Original human condition. Saitama is originally a normal, weak human. After undergo series of defeat and undergo very strict exercise, he break every limit of his strengh and achieve the ultimate power... however, within only in three years as he mentioned few times in the manga.

Garou also undergo the same process. If garou is as strong as Saitama, it will be disaster. Because, he can kill all heroes in one punch.. i believe Murata will not do that (even so many heroes seen to be badly beaten)

I do believe Garou will fight Silver Fang and other S-Class Heroes before Saitama stop him. But, if Garou strengh is in par with Saitama, it will be very dangerous.

FOR EPISODE 147, it will be Silver fang vs awaken Garou. I just hoping Garou still have sympathy with his master.. (even we don't know if Garou still remember who he is?)

Silver Fang already do few fight that drain his energy. In his current condition, fighting Garou will be very dangerous. And how about other heroes? They still need to face the strong Cadre (black sperm) and that of Homeless Emperor (with his unparallel power).