Blast, S-Class Hero Rank-1

Beginning: Blast is introduced as one of the highest-ranked heroes in the Hero Association, holding the coveted S-Class rank. Not much is initially known about his background or motives. Some even speculate that Blast is actually "Saitama" which losing memory. However, Blast made a debut during Monster Association Arc.

Specialty: Blast's abilities and specialty are shrouded in mystery. His true strength and the extent of his powers are undisclosed, contributing to the intrigue surrounding the character. We initially know that Blast is the one battled Elder Centepide, an extremely strong monster that are later on Killed by Saitama.

Strength: Blast is rumored to be incredibly powerful, and his reputation as the top hero in the Hero Association implies extraordinary strength. However, the details of his strength, combat abilities, and powers remain undisclosed. However, we learnt later on that Blast actually have space dimensional power. He can teleport or transform things from one place to another. He also quite fast (faster than Flashy Flash).

Character Development: There hasn't been substantial character development or backstory revealed for Blast. His enigmatic nature adds to the mystique surrounding the character. But we know that Blast working with few powerful team members under the Shadow to protect the world.

Achievements: Specific achievements or notable feats attributed to Blast are not clearly outlined in the available information. Initially, character remains a subject of speculation and anticipation for future developments in the series. But later on, we know how important Blast in the Series.


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