Genos, Saitama's Student in One Punch Man

Genos is a cyborg hero seeking revenge against a powerful cyborg that destroyed his hometown and killed his family. After meeting Saitama and witnessing his strength, Genos becomes Saitama's disciple in hopes of becoming a powerful hero.

Specialty: Genos is a highly advanced combat cyborg with a focus on firepower and advanced technology. He possesses an array of powerful weaponry and has a strong sense of justice, aiming to eradicate evil threats.

Strength: Genos is exceptionally powerful and agile, capable of taking on powerful foes. His combat abilities include energy blasts, rocket punches, and enhanced physical strength due to his cyborg enhancements.

Character Development: Throughout the series, Genos undergoes significant character development. He learns from Saitama's philosophy and seeks personal growth beyond revenge. Despite facing numerous defeats, he remains determined to become stronger and protect others.

Achievements: Genos rises through the hero ranks and becomes a respected hero in the Hero Association. He faces formidable opponents and contributes to battles alongside Saitama. His quest for strength and justice remains a central theme in his character arc.


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