One Piece: Episode 1015 (Prediction)

Battles in One Piece especially againts Powerful Villan never been easy. Starting from Crocodile at Alabasta, Fighting Enel at Sky Island, Short Fighting with Akoiji, then, CP5, then Fighting Moria in Thriller Bark, Magellan, Doflamigo, Big Mom and many more. We can see not only Luffy, but All straw hat members normally got beaten pretty bad. Luffy so many times almost died. 

Therefore, when facing Kaido at Wano, it will never easy! We can see Luffy already lost and throw out of the floating Onigashima. Then, Kinimon also beaten in Chapter 1014!. As Zorro, the second arm of Straw Hat also pretty well badly injured, the situation seem hopeless. 

Well, you already see so many hopeless situation in One Piece however, the Straw Hat at all cost will survive! It surely happened in Wano too, even though the early situation is seem impossible to win.

I would like to see how the Wano Arc will end!

There are so many unsolved mysteries in Wano Arc. One of them is who is the girl that helped the Akazaya Nine after beaten by Kaido?

Here is my prediction on One Piece Episode 1015:

- Momonosuke will tell something about what he know / can feel. Is Zenusa is going to Wano? ๐Ÿคจ

- Luffy will be saved by somebody in the Ocean. Sea King Maybe? Or the Big Octopus that lead them to Wano earlier through the waterfall?

- The fight still getting heat as many strong worriers want to win against their enemies.

- Otama will surely play big role on changing the Gifter against Beast Pirate.

One of thing... Did Lady Toki Really died from the incident 20 years back? She got hit by bullet but there is no evident of her dead / corpse / grave? She can also jump 20 years ahead then hide somewhere to heal herself... Maybe.. That only my prediction. Why I say that? Lady Toki really want to see the world outside down during the Dawn of the world.. As she remain as her destination was Kozuki Oden, when Kozuki Oden died, it is still possible for Toki to jump ahead 20 years.. I hope so. I want Hiyori (Komurasaki), Momonosuke, and Toki will be together again!

P/s: I am still believe Luffy will be the joy boy! ๐Ÿ˜„